POLKATREE: Polkadot projects monitor
This site was created to help people, mainly validators, who want to quickly follow the status and the evolution of the Polkadot and Kusama chains ... and parachains.

If you want keep in updated to get information on updates as they become available, follow us on our telegram channel. We also added the CoinGeko API connection to get even more of a big picture, any other feedback is welcomed.

If you are interested in adding a project or modifying an existing project, feel free to create a pull request or leave feedback on our Github Polkatree repository.

Projects List

Project name State Version Explorer How partecipate Exchange
Project name State Version Explorer How partecipate Exchange
Polkadot Polkadot Mainnet v0.9.3
KusamaKusama Mainnet v.0.9.3 wiki Hotbit
edgewareEdgeware Mainnet v3.1.0
kulupuKulupu Mainnet v2.6.1 
PlasmDusty Mainnet v1.9.0-dusty
PlasmPlasm Mainnet 1.1.0
Acala NetworkAcala Network Testnet


Acala Karura Release RC 1

DarwiniaDarwinia Testnet v0.10.0
Phala NetworkPhala Network Testnet v3.0-alpha1
Bifrost NetworkBifrost Network Testnet v0.3.2
ChainXChainX Mainnet v2.0.8-1
CentrifugeCentrifuge Mainnet

v2.0.0 - RC6 - Patch 1

v2.0.0-rc6-240 NOT USE YET

MoonbeamMoonbeam Testnet v.0.8.1